I speak to audiences on media literacy in the information age, identifying and tackling mis/disinformation, digital developments and what they mean.

TRF panelist at RightsCon 2021

Session titled “Reporting on Digital Rights beyond Silicon Valley”

Webinar organised by the European Union on World Press Freedom Day 2020.

Session titled “Press Freedom and Journalism during Crisis”

Speaker at International Conference on Media & Conflict 2020.

Panels titled “Information dynamics in the online space” & “Digital journalism & fact-checking”.

Explainer for Dawn.com on how to spot artificial trends on Twitter

On Dawn News to discuss internet freedom in Pakistan

Speaker at conference on “Media and Information Literacy for Prevention of Violent Extremism”.

Panels titled “Misinformation and Mob Violence: the need for MIL interventions”; “Preventing Violent Extremism: The Role of Alternative Media”.

On Dawn News to discuss my story on Twitter's moderation policies

On 'Conversations with Jazz' to discuss digitalization in Pakistan

On Kamran Khan’s show to discuss digital politics and Twitter trends

Trainer for Digital Rights Foundation residency on two sessions titled; “Fake news and disinformation”; “Investigative reporting for digital journalists”.

Speaker on panel titled “The economy and digital space: The age of surveillance capitalism”.

Panelist at Sahafi Summit 2019. Sessions on Press Freedom Day and Journalism in the age of disinformation.

Panelist on session titled “Free expression, hate speech and regulation” at CEJ IBA.

Conducted workshop, organised by Digital Rights Foundation, for women journalists and activists to highlight and review social, political and legal challenges faced in the online space.

Trainer for a women in tech project, CodeGirls, on “Understanding HR Law and Dealing with Workplace Harassment” sessions.

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