I am a Pakistani journalist and policy expert, specializing in technology and human rights. My work is focused on internet rights, mis/disinformation, online regulation & censorship, and digital society.

I am a recipient of four national journalism awards for ‘in-depth and tenacious’ coverage of internet clampdown and disinformation in Pakistan.

I have a Master’s in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation from the University of Amsterdam and received the Erasmus Mundus Journalism scholarship.



Pakistan pushes Silicon Valley for more censorship

Pakistan’s Tinder ban signals coming showdowns with YouTube and Twitter.

Privacy concerns over Pakistan's use of Covid tech

Using cellphone tracking and mobile apps to limit coronavirus, the government is surveilling citizens

Life in PTI's social media bubble

EOS cover story on PTI’s use of digital media for building its and its leader Imran Khan’s brand.

Amid social media bans, creators fear loss of earning

Uncertainty looms for content creators following the ban on TikTok and warning to YouTube.

A guide to surviving the Covid-19 'infodemic'

From desi totkas to fake news about the coronavirus, here is how you can find accurate information online.

Inside Wikipedia's infodemic battle

Wikipedia breaks a five-year record with high traffic in pandemic, while editors battle misinformation.


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